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This blog is dedicated to my Dark Elf Warhammer army - The Cult of Khaine.

I have been collecting and painting models for the past couple of years in particular the games workshop warhammer dark elves. These are my favourite minatures out of their range and over the time I have amassed a rather large army. I thought it would be a good idea to blog my development of the army as It evolves to keep a record of my ideas and to showcase the models when I finish them. I will be posting various images, comments and links as I go and would love to hear any comments you have.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dark Elf Witch Elves WIP

Here is another unit I have been working on. I have converted a witch elves unit using the chaos daemonette and corsair bits.

Cult of Khaine


noeste said...

Nice conversions!
Funny fact, I did something quite similar, only I made female Marauders of Slaanesh for my Warriors of Chaos army, but quite a few asked me if they were Dark Elves. I can see why now *smiles*
Where are the boots and the blades from, if I may ask? They're looking really good! I plan on expanding my regiment of 10 to 20 or maybe 25, but I need to get some more parts first.
I do spot a few mold lines, mainly on their thighs, and I advice you to remove them before painting them - it looks so out of place on naked skin!

Other than that, looking forward to seeing some paint on them!

cultofkhaine said...

Hi Noeste, thanks for your comments! The boots and blades came from the new Dark Elf Corsair sprue. You can buy some great bits on ebay, I use a seller called Hoard O Bits - they have a lot of stock at great prices.

Thanks for the comment on the mould lines - Yes I have removed them and hopefully to get some paint on these very soon.

Cheers Cult of Khaine

noeste said...

Ah, think I've bought some bits from that guy in the past myself, hehe.

Looking forward to see them painted up! Think they'll be great

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