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This blog is dedicated to my Dark Elf Warhammer army - The Cult of Khaine.

I have been collecting and painting models for the past couple of years in particular the games workshop warhammer dark elves. These are my favourite minatures out of their range and over the time I have amassed a rather large army. I thought it would be a good idea to blog my development of the army as It evolves to keep a record of my ideas and to showcase the models when I finish them. I will be posting various images, comments and links as I go and would love to hear any comments you have.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dreadlord on a Dark Steed

Here is a new one for the blog, a Dreadlord on a Dark Steed. Available only by direct order from GW. Not a bad mini - I enjoyed painting this one. I had a few difficulties with the horse - I used this a bit of a test in the lead up to painting my Dark Riders. It's quite difficult to paint black horses and still incorporate some elements of shading - in the end I painted it all grey then did a few washes with Badab Black. Seems to have come out ok - bit hard to photograph. I hope you like :-)


Sigmar said...

You're posting some extremely cool miniature pics here.

I think your choice of colours is superb for all your minis.

Nice attention to detail too, I love the spider's web on the Dreablord base.

Would you mind if I featured some of your pics on my new Warhammer Miniatures gallery. The blog is a collection of some of the best miniatures and modelling out there - anything inspirational really.

Keep up the good work,

cultofkhaine said...

Hi Sigmar - thanks for the comment. Feel free to use any of my photos etc. I am very honoured that you feel them worthy enough.

By the way you have a great blog going yourself - will be adding yours to my favourites.

Sigmar said...

Thanks very much CoK. I'll add your site to the blogroll.

I'll post some of your pics over the next week.

Thanks again,

warhammer tyranid said...

OMG! I've been searching everywhere for this.

plumbing said...

Nice miniature! Keep it up! I'm looking forward for more of your updates.