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This blog is dedicated to my Dark Elf Warhammer army - The Cult of Khaine.

I have been collecting and painting models for the past couple of years in particular the games workshop warhammer dark elves. These are my favourite minatures out of their range and over the time I have amassed a rather large army. I thought it would be a good idea to blog my development of the army as It evolves to keep a record of my ideas and to showcase the models when I finish them. I will be posting various images, comments and links as I go and would love to hear any comments you have.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Armies on Parade Dark Elves


I present to you my army for this years Armies on Parade.


Mattias W said...

Awesome work!

I am not that big a fan of the very bright colour scheme you are utilizing, but you execute it with a masterful hand.

cultofkhaine said...

Thanks Mattias, it was a mission and a half to get this done, lots of fun doing it :-)

sithkhan said...

Great work - I really need to work on my techniques. Thankfully I have some Beastmen to learn on before working on my Dark Elves.

Just curious about the Statue of Khaine - why that color scheme? It stands out, which is what one would expect for a statue of one's deity; is there a fluff reason, or just to break from the color scheme of the rest of the army?

We appreciate the pics as well. :D

cultofkhaine said...

Hi Brad - thanks for the comment.

There are two statues of Khaine, one on the Cauldron of Blood, which is all gold (I don't think you are refering to this one) the other on the Altar of Khaine - I painted pretty much stock standard colours as per the GW site in a Jade Green and Gold. I decided to stick with this colour because yes it gave a contrast to the other colours in the army and gave it more prominence. Cheers Cult.

The Lord of Excess said...

Whoa! That is simply breathtaking!!

Marc said...

Excellent work, I'd say you easily put a huge amount of hours' effort into this and it shows.

What did you make the towers bookcase from?

cultofkhaine said...

The base is from and old hero quest table end and the books are some bits I had kicking about from an old model set.

Im glad you like the images