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This blog is dedicated to my Dark Elf Warhammer army - The Cult of Khaine.

I have been collecting and painting models for the past couple of years in particular the games workshop warhammer dark elves. These are my favourite minatures out of their range and over the time I have amassed a rather large army. I thought it would be a good idea to blog my development of the army as It evolves to keep a record of my ideas and to showcase the models when I finish them. I will be posting various images, comments and links as I go and would love to hear any comments you have.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Malekith on Foot - Dragon Throne

Well I have finally finished this beauty! It has been great working it. I have designed it so that the dragon detaches from the throne and can be used as a separate model. I have yet to build a base for it.




Anonymous said...

Fantastic job, I really wish I could buy that diorama.

That magnificent mini and no comments... aniways, thanks for publishing your work.

cultofkhaine said...

Thanks for the comment :-)

Unknown said...

This is just so awesome! I have wanted to copy this design for years but want part of the diorama to be playable so need a take-out 100x50 base for it. How big is the diorama currently?
Also: what chair did you use for the conversion?

cultofkhaine said...

Thanks for the comment - it has a big footprint!

The chair is a conversion I did with bits - the main chair part comes from a furniture piece that ships with the old Hero Quest board game.